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Price Is Right Auction: Frequently Asked Questions

Price Is Right Auction provides shipping options from our regional warehouse for almost all items. If an auction is based "on-site", there will be additional charges to remove and transport items back to our warehouses for shipment. To identify if an auction is based in one of our warehouses or based on-site please pay close attention to the Terms & Details pages of each individual auction. The Terms & Details page will have the physical auction location where the items are based - along with important preview/inspection and removal dates and times as well

Palletization fee's start at $40 per standard pallet in addition to any fees assessed by the shipping company. Larger pallets and crating services will be an additional fee. All fees must be paid prior to any merchandise being released for shipping.

USPS, FedEx and UPS shipping is usually available for merchandise smaller than 36” deep, wide or high, and less than 75 lbs. There is a miniumum $7 packaging fee per box in addition to any fees assessed by USPS, FedEx and UPS. All fees must be paid prior to any merchandise being released for shipping.

***Note*** Due to shipping charges being determined by weights and dimensions, we are not able to give exact shipping quotes prior to the auction end.

• Freight Shipping Option: allows our bidders to use any freight carrier they choose, if they provide a BOL. Please contact us at 248.542.4800 and give us your bidder number. We can give you the weight size of your purchase. You can then shop all major freight carriers to set up pickup and delivery. You must then notify us with carrier information, have carrier send a BOL. There is a $40 palletization and wrapping charge per standard pallet.

Questions? Please visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked Registration and My Account questions. You can also send us a message on our Contact Us page.

Bootshop online Shopping cart
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